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My Favorite 3D Pen 2020

My new favorite 3D Pen currently is the 3D Simo Mini. With the ability to not only paint in 3D with thermoplastics....but also cut, solder and burn decorative patterns on different surfaces. This pen separates itself from the competitors.

I wrote a post reviewing this awesome 3D pen where I go over the functions of the pen. I have also created some new art pieces using the special features of this pen.

3d Simo Mini

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The latest posts and reviews for the blog. Most of the posts are accompanied with a Youtube Video of me showing exactly what how I am creating the 3D art and how you can do the same. 

Latest 3D creations from my portfolio

Here you can view my collection of 3D art, made mostly with 3D pens, but I also include some 3D prints, like the wine rack shown in the picture below. I make many practical pieces of 3D art which you can use as day-to-day accessories.

3d painted purse
3d printed wine rack
3d painted backpack 1

Kseniia painting with a 3D pen

Kseniia Snikhovska

About the Author

Kseniia has a masters degree in traditional art and loves to use 3D pens and 3D printers to create inspired 3D art. She currently lives in Oslo, Norway, as a dress designer. Kseniia was recently featured as one of the top artists by 3Doodler on Wikipedia.com.

She was featured by SLB in their expert roundup of thermal label print designers.  Take a look at her amazing art collection in her 3D Art Portfolio