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3D Pens are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This inexpensive, unusual and cool device turns a simple drawing into an exciting and interesting activity for the whole family. Moreover, buying a 3D pen for your child is a great idea.

If you haven't bought a one yet, or are looking to buy one for your kids, then check out our 3D pen buyers guide.

This will help you select the best pen, with some great recommendations for kids. As an additional word of encouragement, getting a 3D pen for a child will allow him or her to develop creativity, assiduity, accuracy, and improve motor skills.

All the while serving as a permanent distraction from the computer, smartphone or tablet.

A 3D pen has a hot tip that melts the plastic filament, and therefore is not suitable for very small children. The most child friendly beginner 3D pens such as the 3Doodler Start recommends ages 8 and above.We advies adult supervision during the learning phase.

What makes 3D art Special?

That’s a difficult question to answer without the use of an old cliche: Because the possibilities are endless! As you may know, 3D pens use plastic filament, and these come in a variety of colors.

Therefore, you are able to  draw on any surface, from plain paper to glass and ceramics. With a little experience, diligence and patience, you or your child will learn to draw amazing, bright drawings and objects.

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of using a 3D pen more traditional art forms.

Firstly, drawings made with pencils, pens, or paints remain in albums, or in the best case scenario can be mounted in a frame and be hanged on the wall. Art drawn with a 3D pen is a completely different story.

Secondly, you have the option of creating something in 2D, but the possibilities go much further than that.

It also allows you to make voluminous and vivid drawings that can be used as interior decorations, toys, fashion accessories and perhaps even something functional. You can take a look at my 3D art portfolio for some inspiration.

Why should you use 3D Pen Stencils?

As you may have noticed, 3D drawing is something which adults and children find equally fascinating. After all, it's so interesting to create drawings that "come alive" before our eyes. Moreover, even the lack of the ability to draw is not a problem.

With the help of 3D pen stencils and templates it is easy to make not only a simple toy, but also make an operating model of a car or build a model of a whole city.

The use of templates in 3D art is not the same as the use of stencils in 2D drawings, it can be used for professional purposes.

The video below is form my YouTube channel and here I explain the process of using a stencil to create 3D art.

How and where do I start?

We recommend to begin from making 2D drawings. Practicing on usual children's coloring pages. You also need to be mindful of choosing the correct filament.

We recommend you stick to PLA  or ABS to start off with.

After a couple of practice drawings you try something different, perhaps even wood or metal filament!

If you didn't know these 3D printing materials existed, please read our post about 3D filaments, you will be surprised to see what's possible.

To start off with, you can print any picture you like from the Internet or draw it yourself. But even if you are an experienced artist, it is better to start with a simple image which does not contain many details.

You can try to use 3Dmate made of plastic or silicon to practice painting straight lines and to create simple geometrical forms or something even more interesting with Aerb 3D Pen Mat.

3D Pen Templates and Stencils – Get Your Free Downloads Inside 2
3d painting

If you don't have 3D mate: you will need prepared drawing or printed stencil and tracing paper (so that the plastic does not stick to the stencil). If you can't think of anything to draw then take a look at some free examples provided by us!

If you want, draw the picture yourself and turn it into a voluminous decoration of the room and interior and start circling the drawing in the same way as with a conventional pen.

But if this seems too easy for you, then we offer several stencils created by professionals. Just click on them, save, print and they are ready to use.

Click -> Save -> Print -> Paint

stencil xmas
stencil xmas present
stencil xmas bread
cupcake stencil fun
house stencil fun

Here are some free stencils which you can download from us for free:

Show me my free stencils (click on a stencil and right click save as)

Bonus for December 2018: A Christmas gift from me!


Holidays are coming. If you are looking for cool Christmas gifts for your children then look no further.

What can be a better than developing the artist inside your kid by buying them a 3D pen this Christmas.

I have some recommendations for you, depending on your budget and the age of your child. Read more here.

I also painted a few snowflake stencils for festive decorations or to use as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Hope you guys have fun painting these and happy Christmas holidays from Pen and Plastic.

Show me my bonus Christmas stencils (click on a stencil and right click save as)

Enough with the 2D, it is time to start working with 3D!

When you've mastered 2D images and drawings  and you can confidently control the speed and temperature settings of the 3D pen, the next step is to create three-dimensional objects.

On the 3D simo's web-site they also offer some free stencils which can help you to create some amazing 3D things like Easter eggs and pots etc. Just click on this link and go to Templates.

With the help of stencils and templates for 3D-pens, you can create a lot of interesting 3D art. Remember that the plastic used in 3D pens are available in a huge palette

Putting it all together, literally!

Using stencils, you can create parts of the model. Make a framework, draw a contour and fill it with layer-by-layer application of plastic threads. When you are finished with the details you can use your 3D pen as a glue-gun!

Connect the pieces together in the order shown in the template instructions. In this way you can make, for example, your own the Eiffel Tower, glasses, a bicycle, a butterfly or many other interesting things.

When you buy a beginner 3d pen, you probably have some stencils to experiment with already, just check the box!  

Should you need something more specific, then buy a specialized template. On Amazon you can find whole sets of thematic templates and full three-dimensional paintings. Start small, then work you're way up.

Hopefully you will learn to master the art of 3D drawing so that you will eventually create objects through free-hand drawing and don't even need to use a stencil or template.

If you liked this post or have something to share please drop us a comment and we will answer as soon as possible. If you would like to share this then click on one of the handy social sharing icons below!  

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