How 3D Pens Can Be a Fun Educational Tool in the Classroom

Instead of the simple textbook and blackboard dynamic that we were all used to as children, classroom education has evolved into a much more engaging and fun experience, mostly due to the advancement of technology. Although there are many different tools teachers can use to make learning in the classroom a more interesting process, one of the most popular options among children and teachers alike are handy 3D pens for kids.

How 3D Pens Can Be a Fun Educational Tool in the Classroom 1

Being an incredibly entertaining and practical tool to use, 3D pens work by melting plastic filaments into a tangible, multi-dimensional mass that can be used to make anything you desire. Whether it’s used on a hard surface or even straight in the air, this tool gives you the mobility and freedom to express your creativity, as well as your artistic skills, by creating a solid 3D object in just a few minutes. Useful during the learning process and incredibly fun to use, there’s no wonder it’s such a popular tool in schools today. If you are wondering how a 3D pen can be used to enhance the classroom experience, here are some ways your children can learn with this incredible tool:

How 3D Pens Can Be a Fun Educational Tool in the Classroom 2

Making tangible models and examples

While visual learning might be one of the oldest and most effective teaching techniques, the medium of showcasing visual aid to children has significantly changed over time. 3D pens are truly a brilliant tool for bringing any model or example to life, as well as instantly turning any simple sketch from a 2D concept into something that can be felt, touched and viewed from different angles. From younger children, who can bring their stories and drawings to life or learn through making figurines of objects in their surroundings, to older children who can better understand the concepts of astronomy, architecture and design, 3D pens can easily be used to create a tangible model that will be useful in all spheres of education.

How 3D Pens Can Be a Fun Educational Tool in the Classroom 3

Learning while they’re young

Even toddlers can start to learn more about the world around them by using modern educational tools, especially when they are enrolled in a great playgroup, where qualified teachers will not only help them learn and understand through play, but also keep them safe and sound by supervising them while they work. For example, young children can use 3D pens to make basic geometric shapes, blocks and shape-sorters, helping them develop their problem-solving skills. They can even choose to express their imagination through art, or even simple DIY projects, such as making stamps or cookie cutters. The creative choices are truly endless when working with 3D pens, and there’s no denying every child will fall in love with learning through these fun educational toys, regardless of their age.

How 3D Pens Can Be a Fun Educational Tool in the Classroom 4

Making homework fun again

At some point in their educational journey, most children will start resenting homework, which can often have quite a detrimental impact on their personal development and willingness to learn. In order to keep homework fun and interesting, schools can allow certain assignments and projects where students can use a 3D pen at home to make something for marks, additional points or extra credit. Apart from helping them fall in love with learning again, even during their free time, projects like these could also encourage children to explore their creativity, allowing them to find a new hobby or even passion.

What’s more, when children are given such compelling assignments, they might even be more excited to take their work to school the next day and proudly showcase it in front of the class. (Nowadays, teacher recommended the use of a 3D-pen, it helps to sharp the creative skills of students and even improving their grades (marks) at some point. However, you can use this simple but highly accurate gpa calculator to compute your grade point average instantly.)

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Creating live projects and contests

Every project that needs to be worked on in school can be made much more fun and interactive with the use of educational tools like handy 3D pens. Whether the children are working by themselves or together in pairs and groups, they can easily use 3D pens to create stencils to help them develop their ideas or mock models to enhance the appearance and quality of their projects. Another great idea for increasing the morale and the motivation in the classroom is to host small competitions among the students. Being beneficial for both the students and the teachers, exclusive 3D pen competitions can be a great way of seeing how imaginative the children are and how well they execute their ideas. What’s more, the 3D models they make in class are also perfect to take back home as a gift for their parents or a souvenir that can be displayed.

Completely changing the way modern lessons are conducted, using 3D pens is evidently a great way of enhancing any project or assignment that is being done in school, making it that much more interesting and compelling. There’s no denying that introducing this helpful tool to any classroom will have a positive impact on the way children learn and how they implement their knowledge.

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