3D Simo MultiPro: New Generation of 3D Pens

3d pen simo multi pro
cut with 3d simo
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Functions: 3d pen, foam cutting, soldering, burning on wood and leather
Additional features: Exchangeable tips (Nozzles for different types of work), LED display, controls for choosing material and temperature, App for controlling functions, USB mini, Magnetic connectors for connecting powerpack (possibility to work without cable)

Software: 3D Simo mobile app for Android, Windows and iOS

Materials:  All available kinds of filaments can be used (ABS, PLA, Wood, Flex, Metal, Carbon, HIPs etc)

Maximum temperature: Possible to adjust up to 490 С

Weight and Dimensions: 40 g and 163 mm x 36 mm x 22 mm

Restrictions: Children under the age of 8 years only under the supervision of adults

3D Simo MultiPro is more than just a 3D pen

3Dsimo is a new generation of 3D pen that, thanks to the variety of thermoplastic materials available, provides an enormous potential for your creativity.

This new tool is very special because of its functions.The nozzles separate the 3D Simo MultiPro from the rest of the 3D pens, expanding the scope of the device. You can visit the 3D Simo's site here.

You are able to create models that glow in the dark, or change colour depending on the temperature. Draw directly in the air, not limiting yourself to a two-dimensional space.

3d pen with an app

3Dsimo is the world's first pen that can select and change print settings in the App. All settings and parameters are shown on display.

Also, it is possible to pre-create profile settings for a particular material.The choice of temperature and the speed of thermoplastic production opens unprecedented opportunities for creativity. You can choose from the following materials: ABS plastic, PLA plastic, WOOD plastic, HIPS plastic, fluorescent plastic, flexible plastic and many others. If you want to learn more about these types of plastic please read our post discussing 3D printing materials.

open bag with 3d simo

Together with the possibility to set the temperature, you can achieve the necessary speed for the material and even draw in the air. It is also possible to change the display language of the settings and the display back-light.

Proper use of the settings will allow you to achieve the appropriate drawing methods. All materials such as Nylon and ABS, PLA, PVA thermoplastic are not dangerous and not toxic. Of these materials are many children's toys, designers, kitchen utensils, textiles. The plastic is in a liquid state for a very short period of time and then hardens. 

With the help of attachments you can:


3D Simo MultiPro: New Generation of 3D Pens 1

Drawing with this pen is just a pleasure. It melts plastic evenly and that what makes easier creating beautiful and neat drawings. My favourite part of this new device is a variety of materials which you can use with it. A drawing mat which goes in the set is also an excellent base you can use for drawing with your 3D pen.


cut with 3d pen

The cutting tool is quite unusual, and at first, it feels like you do not nor what you actually can do with it. You will be surprised, but there are many different ideas can be realised with this cutting tool and a piece of foam. With this tool, you can make 3d letters, numbers and other objects (like stars and geometrical figures). Just paint it afterwards with spray paint, and you will have cool decorations for your home or party. If you happen to be more skilled, you can create sculptures and experiment with this tool.


burn with 3d pen

With the burning tool, you can decorate surfaces like wood or materials like leather by burning onto the surface. It gives you the possibility to decorate old shoes, leather jackets or even wooden furniture which have become bored off. Remember, the longer you apply heat to the surface, the darker it will become.


3D Simo MultiPro: New Generation of 3D Pens 2

The 3D Simo Mini has a soldering tool which works just as well good as a conventional soldering iron. You can use this tool to melt solder and complete connections in your electrical circuits. You can also use this tool to make adjustments to your 3D drawings and sculptures as it can melt and re-mold the plastic.

The device is powered by a power supply, but it is possible to use a powerpack which can be included in your set. You only need a few minutes to practice with the settings and techniques of movements, and you can start creating. In addition to the device itself, there are 15 meters of various thermoplastic, in the form of coils of 2.5 meters each. 

Materials for 3D drawing

3D Simo MultiPro: New Generation of 3D Pens 3
3D Simo MultiPro: New Generation of 3D Pens 4


It is used for drawing in the air and creating strong, durable products and has the greatest temperature resistance. Resistant to various weather conditions and temperature changes.


An environmentally friendly material is made from corn starch, ideally suited for creating final product details. The material eventually decomposes naturally. PET Transparent material, respectively to create transparent details and even vases.


Thermochromic plastic, which changes colour according to temperature. Suitable for creating various kinds of ornaments or hidden messages.


Flexible material, similar to rubber. Used to create key's chains, cases for phones, bracelets, bags and wearable art. More examples you can see in the article "3d creations" and in my portfolio.

Final Thoughts

If you want to read our full review comparing the top 3D pens against each other, including the 3D Simo's main competitor, the Lix 3D Pen. And if this pen is too expensive for you then you can take a look at our budget 3D pen review as well.

As usual, let us know what you think about the new 3D Simo Mini in the comment section below! 

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply draw and 3D print something right in front of you? Well, that’s exactly what 3D Simo’s range of pens is designed to do.


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