The Best Penlights: For Nurses and Medical Staff

Working as a doctor, EMT or a nurse is no picnic. Long hours, tiresome patients and hospital food can ruin anyone's day. This is why you probably want to jump on any opportunity to make your job a little bit easier. 

Recently, many doctors and nurses have started using penlights. Since they spend a lot of their time visually monitoring patients; they tend to use penlights to assess the patient's pupils than as an examining tool used to help diagnosis.

A penlight is a pen with a LED light which replaced the old flashlights used by medical staff.

But would someone working in the medical field benefit from using a nursing pen light?

Well, they are simple, elegant, and lighter than bulky flashlights. Sure, an ordinary flashlight will do the job just fine, but as a professional, you can afford the spend the $10 for such a useful and practical tool that easily fits into your pocket.

I have compiled a list of the best nursing penlights on the market for those in a hurry. After the table we will go into the details of each model.

In the table below we have listed the penlights which we would recommend to a friend who was in the medical profession. We selected 3 pens, our favorite, our budget pick, and an interesting option for those looking for some extra oomph!

Our Top 6 Nursing Penlights for 2022

RISEMART Medical Diagnostic Penlight

This product comes in two colors, and it is made from aluminum alloy with a size of 12.7cm length x 1.2 diameters.

It is a lightweight nursing pen light making it easy to carry around, and it is a perfect match for any hand. It comes with four batteries, and it is simple to use.

"It is best for nurses who like something simple and elegant."

What we like:

  • LED lifetime is approximately 100 000 hours
  • Voltage 3 V
  • LED bulb – 522 vwc-15
  • 3 lumens
  • Elastic Rubber Switch – it is hard to push it which prevents it from turning on by mistake in your pocket
  • Concave heads which will prevent breakage due to dropping
  • Lower wattage with an extended battery life of 220 hours
  • Two lights – white light is for checking the throat, nose, and ears while the warm glow is for testing the eyes
  • Pupil Gauge measurement

What we don’t like:

  • The light is too bright

CAVN Medical Penlight

It is available in two colors, rose and purple, and is made of anodized aluminum alloy, giving the pen a longer life and it is easier to use. 

It can be a cheap and good option for under a few dollars a piece. The package doesn’t include batteries. 

It has good reviews on Amazon, making it a trusted purchase.

"It is best for nurses who like lifeful colors."

What we like:

  • On/off button
  • The pocket clip makes it easier to carry around
  • Pupil gauge measurement
  • LED bulb
  • They work with AAA batteries
  • What we don’t like:

    • The light is too bright
    • Not good for checking pupils

    Opoway Nurse Penlight

    With professional design and bright light, the Opoway Nurse Penlight can be the best choice. 

    It is made from an aluminum alloy as well, and it comes in black and white colors. 4 AAA batteries are included in the package. 

    You can use the penlight to check your patients’ throats, mouth, ears, and nose. You can find it on Amazon at a very affordable price.

    "It is best for nurses who like simple and elegant designs."

    What we like:

  • Turn on/off button makes it easy to use
  • Metal pocket clip makes the penlight easy to carry around
  • Pupil gauge measurement is a nice feature to have from a penlight
  • LED bulb
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • White light
  • Small and compact
  • What we don’t like:

    • Not durable

    4. Primacare DL-9325 Penlight

    Primacare DL-9325 Penlight

    The Primacare penlight has a bright light which can be useful in many medical situations. It can be used to check the patients’ eyes, mouth, nose, etc. 

    It has excellent battery consumption because of its LED bulb, and they are also replaceable in case they run out of energy.

    The penlight feels good in the hand, and you can see it is a high-quality product. The batteries are included in the package.

    "With a simple design, it can be for anyone’s taste."

    What we like:

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Sealed beam
  • Pre-focused pinpoint lens
  • Pupil gauge measurement
  • LED bulb
  • White light
  • What we don’t like:

    • Made from plastic

    5. MDF LUMINIX Medical Penlight

    MDF LUMINIX Medical Penlight

    As aforementioned some penlights, they only have a white light which can be really harmful to some patients’ eyes, but this model has a warm light making your job a bit easier. It is made from copper, and it has disposable batteries which are not included in the package. Some buyers see this thing as an advantage as they prefer to buy high-quality batteries by themselves than paying for low-quality integrated ones. 

    "It is best for nurses who want a professional looking penlight."

    What we like:

    • Warm LED light
    • Copper built
    • AAA batteries
    • Pupil gauge measurement

    What we don’t like:

    • A negative thing about this product is that the light is pretty dim

    Edison Bright Nitecore Penlight

    For the last penlight, we saved the best, but it comes with a matching price of 25.95 US dollars. This penlight has an anodized aluminum body which can be sterilized. It is waterproof and submersible up to two meters, and you can set the brightness to three stages: 180 lumens for 45 minutes, 45 lumens for 5 hours and 15 minutes, 4 lumens for 35 hours. This is an excellent setting which can’t be found in the other ones.

    "It is best for nurses who want a professional looking design."

    What we like:

    • Anodized aluminum body
    • Waterproof and submersible
    • Three brightness outputs
    • LED Nichia 2198B
    • Stainless Steel Clip

    What we don’t like:

    • We don’t like about this product the price, putting it in the expensive range
    • Some buyers have complained that the batteries dry out pretty fast
    • It can be turned on by mistake while in your pocket

    Buying tips

    1. What makes a good nurse penlight

    A penlight can have a lot of features but not all of them makes it right, but it is essential to choose a penlight with good light and battery life. If it comes with two lights, then it is even better, as sometimes the white light can be too harsh for the patients, and the warm light will give some extra points.

    The reason why you want to buy a penlight is probably because of its practicality and weight so make sure it is lightweight, preferably made from aluminum alloy.

    It is better if you buy a penlight with rechargeable batteries as in the long run, you can save more money this way, and probably the quality it is better, and you will be able to use them for a longer time. The penlights with integrated batteries tend to be of low quality. A pupil gauge measurement is a nice feature to have it on your penlight as in some situations it can be beneficial.

    A sealed concentric beam can also be a lifesaver if you have clumsy hands and you have the tendency to drop things on the floor.

    My suggestion is to go with a pen that can be sterilized and has replaceable batteries and you will not need to buy another one for at least a year. The Nightcore Penlight would be my choice, but maybe my needs are not the same as yours so don’t let me influence you.

    2. What should you expect to spend?

    The amount you are going to spend on penlights is entirely up to you, and it can be anything between 1 and 25 US dollars. The disposable ones are usually the cheapest ones, and they come in a pack of multiple penlights and in various colors too. They are not the best quality, and the light is not the best, but they can still get most of the job done.

    If you want a better option then you can go with a penlight which will cost around 20 US dollars, and they come with replaceable batteries, they can be waterproof, and the brightness can be changed to your liking. Most of the penlights have a pupil gauge measurement so you won’t have to pay any extra bucks for this feature. A high price doesn't always mean high quality and in most cases so look after scams selling you penlights with a lifespan of a single day.

    Fortunately, the penlights are not expensive, and even the expensive ones sell at a reasonable price.

    If you don't know which one to buy or you are not sure that a certain penlight will fit your needs, you can purchase various models and try them, and after a few uses, you will know which one suits you and your profession the best.


    There is no clear winner as to which one is the best penlight, but we should remember that probably if you are a doctor, nurse or anyone who works in the medical field, you will need to sterilize you penlight once in a while. You could buy a pen which can get purified without getting broken, or you can buy a dozen of penlights and throw them out when you think they saw too many patients.

    I hope that after reading this article you can make an informed choice about your next purchase and you will be happy with your decision. Keep in mind the best one is the penlight which doesn’t get broken and it gets the job done, and this is the most important thing.

    Some people might say that the penlights are just spoiled things and they are not as practical as doctors tend to say. Suffice to say, try carrying a 200 grams flashlight around you in a hospital or try grabbing your phone and turn on the flashlight while your hands are covered in latex and germs.

     I am pretty sure they will change their minds quite fast if they would switch places for a few seconds. As a final statement, I might say that penlight is a must-have and its practicality, size and price make it the perfect item for every doctor, nurse or anyone who works in the medical field.

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