Flashforge Creator Pro Review

Flashforge Creator Pro Review

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The FlashForge Creator Pro is a competent 3D Printer packed with various great features that comes at a reasonable price


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22.5 x 14.5 x 15 cm



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40-100 mm/s



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3D printers are sophisticated machines that come with a costly price tag. So when you come across a printer that falls within your budget, it is either your lucky day or a cause for concern.
The FlashForge Creator Pro is a practically priced 3D printer for anyone interested in 3D printing that can’t raise the funds for more expensive options.

It is an improvement of its predecessor, the FlashForge Creator and comes with upgraded features that make it more functional and durable.
But how does it perform when put to the test? This review takes a look at the features and quality that the FalshForge Creator Pro brings to the table.

It also considers the shortcomings to determine if it is worth the money. Especially when compared to other printers around the $1000 range.

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The FlashForge Creator Pro comes when it is already assembled. This printer is a closed unit which lacks the kind of raw building volume you get from other more open models.

However, it allows you to maintain a stable temperature inside at all times. This also eliminates the need to constantly ventilate when the printing process is ongoing.
The Creator Pro also comes with a universal power supply which makes it usable in every part of the world.

The controls are at a 45° angle, as opposed to the completely vertical design we saw in the original version.

This printer also spots a strong metal case made of heat-resistant material. The front door will open to almost 180°, enabling you to remove the largest prints with ease.

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The Creator Pro has an average print quality for its price range. It can print overhangs impressively but doesn’t fully deliver when it comes to printing small objects.

The printer’s range is 10-500 microns but even at the highest micron setting, tiny modes are not printed out well; a common phenomenon for Fused Deposition Modeling printers.

Since it does not have automatic bed leveling, you’ll have to do this manually. The leveling has to be precise for you to achieve quality prints.

You’ll notice two extruders on the Creator Pro that not only enable you to print supporting structures but also two differently colored models at the same time.

The printer supports PVA filaments so you don’t need snap-off supports. You only need to soak the finished prints in water once you are done.
Printing can be done from an SD Card or USB. The printer doesn’t come with WiFi capabilities but you can add this feature as an add-on.

The printer has a limited range of filaments that it supports. You can only use PVE, PLA, and ABS. This makes it suitable for beginner 3D printing enthusiasts who occasionally print.

But if you are keen on testing this kind of tech, you might want to find something that supports a wider range of materials.
Overall, the FlashForge is a user-friendly printer, except for the bed leveling which can be a major issue for beginners.

The loading and unloading of filaments is simple to understand once you locate the filament section under utilities. 

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One area where the FlashForge Creator Pro shines is in the features. It has two extruders that make color printing and water dissolvable supports possible.

The printer makes use of a 6.3mm aluminum build plate. The heated bed is temperature-resistant and allows you to print ABS filaments with minimal warping.
The extruders can get to temperatures as high as 240° C, allowing you to utilize a wide variety of materials.

There is also a blue print bed sticker that ABS and PLA materials stick to quite well. Over time, you are likely to experience the common 3D printing issues such as filament jams.
The Creator Pro makes it easy to clear any jams from the stepper motor or the nozzle.

Generally, the features on this printer are great for experienced 3D printer handlers and make the process even more functional.


The Creator Pro 3D printer will cost you around $900, which is a decent price for anybody curious to experience this technology. Which puts on the more pricey end of the under $1000 category.

For a price of around $30, you get a copy of Simplify3D. The software is priced in the range of $150 but if you purchase two printers in one go, you can get the software as a bonus.
This price isn't bad for a mid-level printer like the FlashForge Creator Pro, however with printers like the Dremel Digilab 3D20 or the Qidi Tech 1, it's hard to justify spending around $400 more for slight improvements.  

Although it is delivered pre-assembled, you can still make upgrades by swapping out any important parts if you wish to.  

You also won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs if you take good care of the components. 


Among the advantages of acquiring a FlashForge Creator is that you get amazing customer support.

If you ordered the printer directly from their website, you will receive a response to your email not later than the next day. 

And if you made the order on Amazon, there is still a support email on the user manual when the printer is delivered.
There is also a huge online community that you become a part of when you buy a Creator Pro. There are infinite tutorials, videos, upgrades, and tips you can find online to help you improve you efficiently use your printer.

And since FlashForge has made this printer an open source product, you don’t have to worry about breaking warranty policy when you starting making upgrades.

You can customize it as much as you want to fit your exact needs. 

And even when your warranty expires and you need spares to fix the broken components, there are many parts on the company’s website that you can access. 

This level of customer support and part availability increases the value of buying the Creator Pro.


The FlashForge Creator Pro is not the best 3D printer out there, but it is a competent machine given the features it comes with at that price range.

It is easy to use and can support the most commonly used filaments. Not to mention that it is affordably priced.
If you are just developing an interest in 3D printing, this printer is a nice launch, however, if you're running on a budget you can find in some cheaper options our list of 3D printers under $500.

Aside from the manual bed leveling and filament changes, you will have a comfortable time handling this 3D printer.

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