Flashforge Dreamer Review

Flashforge Dreamer Review 2
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​The Dreamer proves it has more positives to offer than negatives to any 3D printing enthusiast out there.


Tech Specs

Supported Materials

PLA, ABS, nylon, HIPS, Flex, T-glass, wood Fill,  

Build Volume

9.1” x 5.9” x 5.5”




Wi-Fi, SD Card, and USB

Filament Diameter


Layer Resolution

 70, 200, and 350 microns

Printing Speed

200 mm/sec

Flashforge has, for a while now, remained an integral part of the 3D printing industry.

The company has earned the reputation for producing functional machines that cater to the growing number of 3D printing enthusiasts experienced in recent years.
The Flashforge Dreamer comes with great features that any intermediate users and ambitious newbies will be glad to experiment with.

But does it live up to what the company has touted it to be? Let us demystify that from the following Flashforge Dreamer review.

Flashforge Dreamer Review 3


The Flashforge Dreamer features a relatively flat enclosed design that consists of a clean high-quality plastic-alloy frame.

The other components of the printer are made out of quality aluminum and acrylic, giving the device a degree of ruggedness.
This is not the biggest printer out there; it measures 19.1” x 13.2” x 15.8”, and combined with all components, weighs in at about 33pounds. This makes it a very portable printer, going by overall industry standards.
The machine contains a removable top cover that can be lifted off if your printing materials require lower temperatures and removable ventilated hatches on either side panel for filament replacement and maintenance.

The front is made of acrylic and swings open to let you access the print bed.
The fully enclosed printing chamber serves to maintain the temperatures inside the print layers during printing.
The Dreamer uses Fused Filament Fabrication technology to print, and it has an XYZ Cartesian design that employs a regular dual rod and a stepper motor setup on both the Y and X axes. Meanwhile, the Z-axis runs along a threaded rod.
Despite its uninspiring look, the Dreamer stacks an impressive array of excellent features behind its hideous exterior. 

Flashforge Dreamer Review 4


This printer is capable of producing quality and impressive prints that you can rely on. There is hardly any hiccups during printing, so if you are looking for a consistent printer, this might just be the choice for you.
It also offers great durability, ensuring that cases of machine breakdown are extremely rare.

 The dual extruders allow you to print two items in different colors simultaneously and the extruder fans ensure that everything works smoothly with no interruptions.
The Dreamer can print using PLA, PVA, as well as ABS filament, which ensures its versatility in the 3D printing field. If you want the best results from your PLA filament, make sure the top cover and front door are open.

The ABS filament may at times prove difficult to stick on the plate but a little patience will eventually make it work.
However, this machine is quite noisy, unlike most Flashforge printers, so it might not be a good idea to have it running when you are trying to catch some sleep.

It also has a closed source design, which can be a limitation, especially as the technology develops and new printing options come along.

Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed Chamber, W/2 Free Spools


Flashforge did a great job of equipping this printer with a variety of great features. The printer comes with dual extruder technology that enables you to switch between filaments without needing to change the spool after a print.
You’ll also be able to print using two different types of filaments, which is very ideal for files that require support structures. Each extruder is able to handle a different kind of work at the same time.
Generally, the Dreamer is designed to create prints using PLA and ABS. While the PLA is relatively easy to work with, the ABS will require all openings to be closed, and the fans turned off for the best results.

If you are looking for more intricate models, the device will also support PVA filaments.
One great feature on the Dreamer that makes it stand out among competitors is its perfect 3.5” HD display screen, which supports a variety of languages.

This makes it such a functional printer and increases its user-friendliness.
You won’t find a lot of models with this amazing new feature. It not only enhances the design of the printer but also makes the printing process more satisfying.
The printer allows you to connect to it via WiFi, USB, and SD card.

This is a common attribute that you’ll find in the majority of current and more advanced printer models in the market. This way, you get the luxury of variety as far as printer connectivity is concerned.

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The Dreamer will cost you around $600, which is a great price that both eager beginners and mid-level users can afford. 

When you consider all the great features that the printer comes with, I feel this will be a nice acquisition for anyone.
The fact that it supports a number of filament materials also means that you can choose the cheaper options to keep your operational costs on the down-low.

Unfortunately for flashforge, however, the dreamer's price range puts it in the under $1000 category, which means this printer is competing with printers such as the Dremel Digilab 3D20 and the Qidi Tech 1, both of which are astonishing printers.


Flashforge offers its customers a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase the Dreamer, and you also get to extend the warranty by up to a year when you buy the ProCare extended warranty.
The customer support desk does a decent job of responding to the client’s calls and emails expeditiously, so you can expect the best from a team committed to ensuring that buyers find answers to all their inquiries.
Furthermore, the company’s website provides a host of instructional videos, troubleshooting articles, as well as tutorials to walk you through any issues you might be experiencing with your printer.


All things considered, the Flashforge Dreamer is definitely among the better 3D printers in the market that you can rely on to provide consistent quality prints.

It has several great features that add to the overall 3D printing experience.
Even though you might encounter issues with software capabilities and the sound profile, the Dreamer proves it has more positives to offer than negatives to any 3D printing enthusiast out there.

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