Qidi Tech 1 Review

Qidi Tech 1 Review

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The QIDI Tech 1 is a great 3D printer with the capability of producing accurate and smooth models, you can expect great quality from this 3D Printer.


Tech Specs

Supported Materials


Build Volume

230 x 150 x 150 mm



Print Speed 



USB, SD Card

Filament Diameter


Layer Resolution

100 - 300 Microns

With all the 3D printer manufacturers and models currently available in the market, it is expected that you'll find yourself going back and forth when searching for a printer.

This is especially true for beginners, if you're completely new to 3D Printing, you probably don't want to spend your whole budget on your beginner printer.

There are some more affordable, beginner-friendly, 3D Printers you can check out in the Under $500 category.

The manufacturers adopted the technology of Makerbot printers to come up with this functional machine.But is it a step up or step down from its inspiration? 

In this review, we look at the features on the QIDI Tech 1 to answer this question.

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If you’ve ever used a FlashForge Creator Pro, the QIDI Tech 1 will grab your attention when you first time you catch a glimpse of it. This is because it is practically a remake of the printer.
The QIDI Tech 1 is a dual extruder 3D printer that is fully enclosed in a sturdy metal frame.

Measuring 465 x 320 x 375 millimeters, it is a small machine that will easily fit on your desktop. It comes with handles on either side, allowing you to comfortably move it around.
The printer has a top-hinged door, a top cover, as well as two transparent side panels, which are all made of acrylic.

Unlike other printers like the Dremel Digilab, the spool holders are located at the printer’s rear, adding to the uniqueness of the design.
I don’t know why the manufacturer decided to place the power switch at the back; it gets cumbersome when you place the device against the wall.

The Tech 1 also has an aluminum heated print bed, as well as a lighting system with LED lights.
The lights come on as soon as you plug in the power cable. QIDI has made several modifications ever since the release of the original version in 2015.

The current design boasts an improved print head, motherboard, cooling fans, and power supply.
The LCD interface has also been angled to simplify navigating it, although the SD Card slot remains unchanged.

The side panels on the printer are now magnetic, which allows for instant removal, unlike the initial design which had side panels hinged at the top.

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Just like in many other printers, the Tech 1 will need a little bit of tweaking and adjustments for it to function to its full potential. This should tell you that your first prints may not come out as expected.
The printer generally produces smooth prints with rich details, and the fact that it has dual extruders makes the printing experience more satisfying.

However, it is has a few faults and imperfections, none of which is a major enough to be a deal-breaker.
The first thing you will likely encounter is that the print does not stick on the print bed. That’s why you’ll need glue to fix this little issue.

But even when you use the glue, the print bed surface has some kind of break-in period prior to the model really sticking, so you’ll need to be patient.
The QIDI Tech 1 is a workhorse that can support ABS and PLA filament materials. The enclosure design ensures that ABS prints are produced clean and accurate.

It can also work well with other materials such as TPU and Nylon that require a high temperature.
This will, however, necessitate upgrading the printer with a hotend. Another thing you might want to be wary of is the print bed’s alignment. It tends to move out of place after every couple of prints, so be sure to re-level it if necessary.
Overall, I was impressed by the printing the Tech 1 offers. It can churn out model after model without any key issues that will mess up the process. The procedure is a lot easier and the experience fulfilling.

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The QIDI Tech 1 features a number of great specifications on its pocket frame. Given that it was cloned from the Makerbot 2, many of the features have been carried over to this machine, including the bearings, electronics, and mechanical parts.
The printer has a respectable build volume of 230 by 150 by 150mm, which can print you decent-sized models. The extruder nozzle can print layer heights of between 0.1 and 0.5mm.
The dual extruders allow you to print models in different colors and can tolerate temperatures of up to 230 degrees. Meanwhile, the heated print bed can reach 120 degrees, allowing you to use exotic printing materials.
Many users have, however, claimed that the blue build plate which comes alongside the printer does not function properly. They went ahead to rectify this issue by replacing it with aluminum or glass with a preferred printing surface e.g. kapton, blue tape, hairspray.

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The printer costs around $650, which puts it in the Under $1000 category. 

It is a great price for a device that comes with respectable features and overall performance. This is a figure that many enthusiasts and hobbyists out there will be able to afford.
It is a cheaper alternative to the Creator Pro which it derives its inspiration from, yet still offers the same features. Those on a budget will find it very useful when searching for an affordable yet high-performance device.

The only other printer that can give the Qidi Tech 1 a run for its money, in both cost and performance, is the Dremel Digilab 3d20. 


QIDI provides a six-month warranty when you buy the Tech 1, but there is no option of extending the warranty.

Fortunately, the firm’s customer support team will come in handy when you encounter a hurdle with the set-up, operations, missing or damaged components.
The staff have been praised for being very responsive to customer inquiries around the clock; whether by phone, email, or Skype.

You will get all the answers to your questions and benefit from technical tips and tricks to improve your user experience.
When I reached out to the company about getting a copy of the supported software, it only took a matter of hours before the response came in detailing the process of how to download the Makerbot Replicator Software.
I must say the company ticks on all the cylinders when it comes to offering customer support.


At the end of the day, the QIDI Tech 1 is a great 3D printer with the capability of producing accurate and smooth models once dialed in.

The fact that some users employ it for commercial engagements is testament of the overall quality you can expect from it.
The experience of using this printer is made better by the customer support, which is among the most functional you can find in the market.

Except for the few rare hiccups here and there, the QIDI Tech 1 3D printer is a practical option that won’t let you down.

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