TronXY X5SA Review

TronXY X5SA Review

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The Tronxy X5SA is a an affordable 3D Printer that is well suited for beginners as well as mid-level printing enthusiasts


Tech Specs

Supported Materials

PLA, ABS, HIPS, wood, nylon, PVC

Build Volume

330 x 330 x 400 mm



Print Speed

20-150 mm/s


USB, SD Card

Heated Bed


Nozzle/Filament Diameter 

0.4 mm / 1,75mm

Layer Resolution  

 0.1 – 0.4mm

There are few budget printers available in the market today that manage to strike a balance between price and quality performance.

Most manufacturers who provide cost-friendly devices end up compromising on the number of features and overall workmanship of the printer.
The TronXY X5SA is one of the few 3D printer kits which tend to hit a sweet spot with enthusiasts in the 3D printing world.

It is a decent choice for beginners and intermediate users who are looking for some level of quality in their prints.
The following is a review of the TronXY X5SA! We shall focus on both its strengths and weaknesses to figure out what it really has to offer.

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The TronXY X5SA-500 comes with a charming design that features a larger than usual build area. It has a smooth platform and provides a nice surface to print the model. You also don’t require glue for the printing bed when setting it up.
The body of the machine consists of an aluminum double framing, which gives it a very stable structure. The aluminum frame is far more reliable than acrylic framed printers and is compatible with printing large-sized models.
The design structure also eliminates vibrations in the printer when the job is taking place since both stepper motors remain in a state of inertia. This is a quality that results in the high precision printing this device is known for.
The TronXY X5SA is delivered as a kit, meaning you get different rods, pieces, and a multitude of washers and nuts to assemble the equipment on your own.

If it’s your first time trying to do this, you might want to be patient as it can take a few hours of your time.
To make the process much easier, I suggest that you carefully read through the manufacturer’s manual which comes inside the package. In addition, you can go on YouTube and access interesting videos showing you how to do it.
The printer, unfortunately, is not without blemish. Just like a number of DIY kits from the company, this printer suffers from inefficient quality control, which results in inconsistency in component quality and missing parts in the package.
Not to mention that the documentation can sometimes be confusing, making it a daunting task for first-timers to complete the assembly.

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The X5SA is capable of producing some solid prints and getting it to start printing is far much easier compared to its sibling the X3S. It features pulley bearings for the Y and X axes while the Z-axis uses linear LM8UU bearings.
The linear bearings produce more accurate prints although they have a tendency to wear out faster than pulleys.

This hybrid bearing setup ensures that the X5SA strikes an equilibrium between printing accuracy and practicality.
Even with its standard drivers and board, the device can produce quality prints at speeds of up to 100m/s.

This is a credit to its sturdy cube frame, which allows it to print at speeds beyond 100m/s when you install the right drivers and board.
The problem you get with the TronXY X5SA during printing is that the machine does not manage the heating system very well.

This implies that if the printer isn’t heated up to the appropriate temperature, it won’t start.
The result is a low quality of prints with excessive layer shifts since the stepper motors did not receive enough voltage as required.

You might, therefore, want to be cautious about the printer’s temperature during the printing process. 

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The X5SA has proven to be the most impressive large-format 3D printer that TronXY has produced.

And although the manufacturer has released an upgraded version of the X3S, it doesn’t quite compare with this printer’s performance.
The X5S 330*300*400mm heated print bed gives it an edge because it results in superior print quality.

It ensures that the device can print using a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, PVC, wood, nylon, etc.
The double Z-axis lead rods on the machine enhances the stability of the large print bed and cancels off any vibrations that may interfere with the quality of models.
There are additional significant features that improve the workmanship of the X5S, including the cube-like frame the printer assumes once it has been fully assembled.

This goes a long way to add to the machine’s rigidity.
Another key aspect on the printer is the company’s decision to shift large parts like the mainboard and PSU to the frame as opposed to placing them in a different console box.

This makes the overall design more compact and economical on space.
The X5S is further fitted with a single extruder that is moved by a Bowden extruder drive.

 You get an MK2a heated bed that bears v-slot aluminum extrusions, as well as a 0.4mm extruder nozzle with the ability to process filaments with a 1.75mm diameter.
In addition to double 8mm lead rods on the X5S, the structure is also supported by pulley bearings on the X and Y axes. 

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The TronXY X5SA is priced at just under $300, which is an amount that many 3D enthusiasts can afford. This is despite offering exciting features like the large build area, heated print bed, and an array of print materials.
There are very few DIY printer kits available in the market that will offer you a stable frame with a CoreXY build in the sub-$300 price category.

This makes the X5SA one of the best options you can opt for when it comes to printers in this budget category.


In as far as customer support is concerned, TronXY has an English language page but there isn’t much content here and consequently, you get very little help from it.

You can, however, access contact information on the page if you have any questions you’d like to ask.
You also get a 100% money-back guarantee when you buy the products although the details haven't been fully disclosed.

Marketplaces like Amazon and GearBest offer warranties for standard faulty items and the details can be found on their websites.


I actually feel that the TronXY X5SA is one of the best 3D printers in its class! It produces very fine high-resolution prints that can match some of the printers in the under $500 category.
I’m not saying that the machine has no faults; they are just too little to adversely affect the final quality of the print. Consider that you also get useful features like the large build area and an overall stable structure.
This is a great 3D printer for beginners with limited knowledge in 3D printing, as well as mid-level users who are looking for quality prints with higher resolution for their personal projects.

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